Shhh! It’s Gossip Week 8


Sarah Palin is writing a book about preserving Jesus in Christmas…oh Sarah we want to forget about Jesus in Christmas just as much as we want to forget you in politics.


Sooooo what do we think of Amanda Bynes new look?


Ok I’m going to just call it out. Bieber has bad press because he showed up late to a concert the next day dude is in the hospital for ‘exhaustion’ or whatever. Manages to take the above picture of himself. Here is the deal…he’s full of shit. There was nothing wrong with him he just needed to get the press to talk about something else. Good PR move but if I was his PR team I would quit now.


Jennifer Love Hewitt is considering getting her boobs insured. The asking price? $5 million dollars.


James Holmes, the guy that shot all those people in the movie theater, plead not guilty…not even not guilty by insanity…just not guilty…I mean I don’t know how some lawyers


Joy Behar announced she was leaving the View, then rumors swirled that Elizabeth Hasselbeck would be let go however that seems to be incorrect. They say they love having her point of view on the show if she were to leave who would they argue with?


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have maybe broken up? Nothing is official but you can expect to hear that Miley is a slut…because she’ll always be sluttier than Taylor Swift right?


First Dennis Rodman was in North Korea trying to negotiate peace between them and the US. Now he’s on his way to Rome to try to meet the new pope…is this guy for real? Dennis ain’t nobody got time for this!


BTW we do have a new Pope, Pope Francis I who is at the tender age of 76. I’m sure this will last long…


So the TV show Veronica Mars has had buzz for years about getting a movie made. Well yesterday they said if they could raise 2 million dollars in 30 days they could make the movie…they made the money in less than 11 hours. I mean good for them but I’ve still not seen this show…


Kandi is suing Kim from RHOA over the money for her song Tardy for the Party. It would seem Kim hasn’t paid up despite her claims that she has. I mean it’s been four years…let’s move on before you both miss the party.


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