Is It Just Me?: Texting and Driving!

Have you seen those commercials where families are showing you messages that are the last texts that were sent from someone’s phone before dying in a car accident?

Is it bad that I watch them and wonder to myself…man I hope the last text I send is something completely amazing!!!!

Don’t get me wrong I totally feel for these people since they lost a loved one and all but let’s face it…I know I’m not alone in this thought.

So I asked friends what would they like to have as their final text?

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God I Miss Brittany Murphy

I mean surely I’m not the only one who feels this way? Or maybe I am? Whatever this is a post for praising her light.

Some people get hung up on John Lennon or Kurt Cobain or Janis Joplin….but folks let me simply say get your life together! Brittany Murphy was a saint!

Every once in a blue moon I must have my own Brittany Murphy movie marathon. I’m sure I don’t have to say which movies but I will…shortly. The impressive thing about her to me is that I believe her emotions to the fullest so yes it’s weird now to watch her movies because she’s dead and all.

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Shhh! It’s Gossip Week 14


The bad thing about getting the nickname America’s Sweetheart is when you fuck up…people will always remember the blunder. Reese ‘do you know who I am?’ Witherspoon was arrested for disorderly conduct while her husband was arrested for a DUI. Somewhere out there Ryan Philippe is having a nice laugh.

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When I was ten I had two dogs, Duchess (a pure bred German shepherd) and Lucky (a beautiful mutt). They lived in the backyard but every once in a while they would manage to escape their confines should the gates be left open. On this particular day my mom was the culprit for letting them out.

So my ten year old self went traipsing through the neighborhood calling for my dogs to come back home. When I made it down to the busy street by our house I called their names and I saw Duchess come running. Suddenly she was hit by a camouflage van. She died instantly and the van just kept driving. I burst into tears and ran into the street to hold my dog. I watched the van drive down Maryville road and then turn around only to drive by again without stopping to see the damage they had done.

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Traveling Shit Show: Y’all Got Any Hot Dogs?

Every so often one must mix up the routine. So rather than go to the same old bars where everyone knows your name, you go somewhere where people have no idea who you are.

Friday could not have come any sooner. Had to get the oil change then run and meet Stephanie to get my Hilton pass for our room. Followed by hanging with Alex, mostly just so I could get my vodka, went to Buffalo Wild Wings with him.

Once I got dropped off it was time to get in my car and let the adventure begin. Headed over to Danny’s to pick everyone up, Nikki literally was right behind me. Which was great because I got to hear to awkward interactions with her and Danny’s black neighbors. Continue reading