Things People Have Googled And Found My Blog Instead

I know the things I say on here can be quite random…

Like real real real random!

So since the beginning I’ve always been fascinated by the search engine results section.

Anytime anyone does a search online that brings them to my blog it tells me what the search was and how many times it happened.

While most of the results were expected…some of the results caused me to pray for people and I don’t pray!  Continue reading

13 Games Shows That Need To Be Brought Back!

Game shows are what helps the time pass when you’re vacuuming or doing some other mundane house chore.

Sometimes the Television networks take the shows away from us and frankly thats rude!

Here are 13 shows they need to bring back.

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The 24 Times Calvin and Hobbes Told Us What Was Up!

 When people think of newspaper comics they think of Peanuts or Garfield. 

Me on the other hand, I think of Calvin and Hobbes. 

This little guy was my precocious friend. Owning all of the books was a goal I achieved. In fact every road trip we went on growing up you would find them packed in Michael and I’s fun bag.

Growing up I would tell people they were making a movie based on the comic strip and Jonathon Lipnicki was going to be in it. These were all made up in my head but I can assure you if people had mad that happen it would have been amazing!!!

So I thought what better way to share the joy of this comic strip than to share with all of you the life lessons learned from reading Calvin and Hobbes. 

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31 Days, 31 Scary Movies!!

Growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s it was a simpler time.

A time when cable networks didn’t really have original programming and basically only played scary movies.

In fact on weekends you could hang out at home and watch MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs. It was pretty great!

So I have compiled a list to go along with the family friendly Halloween movies found here!

So please enjoy 31 scary movies for October! Continue reading