Oh Snow You Didn’t!

As a child there was nothing more exciting than a snow day. As an adult…it’s the most dreadful thing in the world if you work somewhere that never closes!

Let us not forget it’s currently March 24, 2013. MARCH TWENTY FUCKING FOURTH! What is this shit?!?

A few negative notes about working in the Hospitality industry when snow happens is that everyone reverts to be children. Suddenly you become parents for 502 rooms of people.

These new children of yours whine about just about everything. The roads aren’t clear! I need another room tonight and it better be free! Why aren’t all the restaurants open! Why isn’t the television working! Why is there so much snow! Can I get some comps for this!

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Shhh! It’s Gossip Week 9


P!nk stopped a concert recently because she saw a little girl crying in the audience. Apparently there was some sort of fight which cause the girl to get upset. P!nk was not a fan of this but she tried to get the girl to come up to her but she wouldn’t, so she sent her presents instead. Two *snaps* for P!nk y’all.

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Shhh! It’s Gossip Week 8


Sarah Palin is writing a book about preserving Jesus in Christmas…oh Sarah we want to forget about Jesus in Christmas just as much as we want to forget you in politics. Continue reading

I mean but take a picture…

I spend every work day thinking to myself ok when do I get to drink…Thursday but of course. So when I punch out at 4:30 it’s time for the fun and adventure to begin.

Now normally Alex and I would eat before going to the bar but I was so fucking full from eating at the Buffet at work that I literally couldn’t think about food. Nor could he because his tooth hurt too bad to eat. So we literally just sat around.

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