16 Things A Speech Coach Deals With The Week Leading Up To The First Tournament

Coaching is hard! I’m sure other coaches can sympathize with me when I say this…it’s not really easy.

But coaching speech is a whole other level of difficult…

No offense to coaches of other sports but when you have 14 events, 40+ kids each with probably 2 different events and they expect you to know everything about their piece even if you’ve never seen it…life is a bit tough!

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18 Judges You’ll See At A Speech Tournament

This is a follow-up to the 18 Kids You’ll See At A Speech Tournament post.

Since I called out the kids on their behavior it seemed only fitting to call out the judges.

Good and bad we rely on judges to give feedback to kids to better their performances.

Sometimes we get great judges…sometimes we don’t! It’s always hit and miss and it’s out of our control which is super frustrating!

So please enjoy the types of judges you’ll see at a speech tournament!

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18 Kids You’ll See At A Speech Tournament

Speech is one of the most complex events to attend. It’s really hard to explain what it’s like, but I’m going to try!

I’ll be doing a couple of speech blogs over the next couple weeks to kind of invite people into this crazy world that I love.

For the first part I will be informing you about the type of kids you’ll see at a speech tournament.

Every kid is different. You learn that from coaching. You just hope that you can help them become better. Because that’s what you’re getting paid to do.

No one is there to see anyone fail. But I can’t lie it is more entertaining to have a few surprises!

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