What It’s Like To Have A Large Group Of Friends

Are you popular like me? Do you have too many friends to count? Then you’ll love this post!

Having a large group of friends is a serious commitment and sometimes a bit of a hassle!

But at the end of the day having that many people around is a positive and not a negative.

These are all truths that occur when you have a large circle of friends.

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Just 22 More Granite City Things

Uncovering the many things that makes Granite City what it is, is quite the challenge.

Following the success of the previous post I found that I owed a second.

So enjoy Just 22 More Granite City Things

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So I’m Dead…

A lot of people think about death a lot. What will dying feel like? What is on the other side?

I think that being alive is weird. Like why do I get to be alive today?

Weird I know! But hello…have you met me?

The one thing I do want to make very clear is that if/when I die I want to have some say in what happens at my funeral!

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Fuller House And We Have Some Questions!

As many of you recently read Netflix is looking at bringing Full House back from the dead. A new show called Fuller House would follow an adult DJ and her bff Kimmy.

This got me thinking that as a fan of the original show and having probably seen every single episode ever that I have some questions that need answered. While I understand that the show doesn’t officially have the green light yet that doesn’t mean I should have to wait like this for plot details!!!

As many of you remember the ending of the original show was abrupt. Like the whole episode was about Michelle falling off a horse and losing her memory…and wasn’t really a series finale at all!

So here are a few questions we are going to need answered!

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