15 Assholes You’ll See At The Movie Theater

Going to the movies is an experience.

Everyone has fond memories of seeing a particular movie and the effect that it had on them.

I can remember watching Jurassic Park and thinking ‘Oh My God’ it was everything!

Although the prices have gone up drastically in my lifetime we still make ourselves available to go see movies. You don’t get the same feelings watching a movie at home that you do watching it in a Theater.

But the downside of seeing a film in the Theater are the other attendees. So I wanted to touch base with everyone with some assholes you’ll certainly encounter at the Theater!

And in case you forgot I used to work at a Movie Theater and I know a thing or two about Movie Theater assholes!

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My Nugget

I’m writing this in advance. I know Hazel is dying and I know that I will just be really sad when it happens. I want to write this early so that she will get the tribute she deserves.

I can assure you now that if you actually read this you’ll be shocked by how much this dog has survived and been through. Most dogs are just dogs, they don’t have a story. Hazel has a story and I’m going to tell it. Continue reading

Friendsgiving: An Educational Guide

Some of you may not know this but there is actually a holiday in between Halloween and Christmas. It’s called Thanksgiving…

Few have heard of it.

It has something to do with stealing recipes from Native Americans and eating Turkey that forces you to take a nap against your will.

Just kidding everyone knows about Thanksgiving! But you’ve probably not heard of the best part of Thanksgiving.

It’s called Friendsgiving!

Charlie Brown wishes he could have thought this term up back in the day when he hosted the original Friendsgiving!


The concept is simple: Thanksgiving concept + Friends + A shit ton of wine = Friendsgiving!

It’s like taking all the fun parts and subtracting your crazy relatives…

On average these are the things that will occur on Friendsgiving!
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18 Kids You’ll See At A Speech Tournament

Speech is one of the most complex events to attend. It’s really hard to explain what it’s like, but I’m going to try!

I’ll be doing a couple of speech blogs over the next couple weeks to kind of invite people into this crazy world that I love.

For the first part I will be informing you about the type of kids you’ll see at a speech tournament.

Every kid is different. You learn that from coaching. You just hope that you can help them become better. Because that’s what you’re getting paid to do.

No one is there to see anyone fail. But I can’t lie it is more entertaining to have a few surprises!

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