So I Went To A Baseball Game…

Monday night I went to the Twins vs Cards game. I actually had a really good time!

We were literally in the last row which I loved. Idk why it was just a good time!

Well the walking to get there wasn’t that fun…

Anyway being me I only had about a 7% interest in what was going on during the game….so I mostly had a lot of thoughts or questions rather…Allow me to share them with you!  Continue reading

Jurrocking My World: A Jurassic World Love Story

I can’t fully explain all the feels I’ve had in regards to this masterpiece coming out on Friday.

I’ve been driving everyone crazy about it since I went to see the Jurassic Park 3D rerelease!


I can only hope that other people feel the same way that I do…

An intense feeling….it’s like an 8 year old is literally screaming inside of me to go watch this movie…that 8 year old is me!
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The 24 Types of People You’ll See On Facebook!

I’M BACK!!!!!!!


Sorry it’s been an extremely busy couple weeks with many events and myself turning 30 and obviously now that I’m 30 I’m tired…

So now that I’m back from a small hiatus I’ll give you all the gift a new and fun gif post!

The 24 Types of People You’ll See On Facebook!

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