Mario Kart Problems

Have you ever played the game Mario Kart?

It was designed, I’m sure, to bring joy to your life.

However the game has been destroying friendships and families since 1992!


So I decided to take your average Mario Kart Problems and pair them with the appropriate gif!

I’m sorry if this post brings up any unhealed wounds that people may have from playing this game.

Just know that I play as Mario and I win!

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First it must be stated that I cannot believe that it’s been ten years since I was a student at GCHS. It feels like just yesterday, but part of that is due to my obnoxiously amazing memory of events. Despite my good memory I can say it’s still weird!

This was probably one of the craziest build ups for a reunion ever. So much shit has been said since the plans were announced because obviously if people don’t get their way they have to bitch and moan in a public forum. It’s sad to see that in the 10 years since we’ve been out some haven’t quite figured that out yet.

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When I was ten I had two dogs, Duchess (a pure bred German shepherd) and Lucky (a beautiful mutt). They lived in the backyard but every once in a while they would manage to escape their confines should the gates be left open. On this particular day my mom was the culprit for letting them out.

So my ten year old self went traipsing through the neighborhood calling for my dogs to come back home. When I made it down to the busy street by our house I called their names and I saw Duchess come running. Suddenly she was hit by a camouflage van. She died instantly and the van just kept driving. I burst into tears and ran into the street to hold my dog. I watched the van drive down Maryville road and then turn around only to drive by again without stopping to see the damage they had done.

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Oh Snow You Didn’t!

As a child there was nothing more exciting than a snow day. As an adult…it’s the most dreadful thing in the world if you work somewhere that never closes!

Let us not forget it’s currently March 24, 2013. MARCH TWENTY FUCKING FOURTH! What is this shit?!?

A few negative notes about working in the Hospitality industry when snow happens is that everyone reverts to be children. Suddenly you become parents for 502 rooms of people.

These new children of yours whine about just about everything. The roads aren’t clear! I need another room tonight and it better be free! Why aren’t all the restaurants open! Why isn’t the television working! Why is there so much snow! Can I get some comps for this!

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Nerds to some, Visionaries in our own mind

Growing up was a weird experience. You’ll learn a lot about my childhood soon I promise. While many may shutter at the thought of learning about people’s childhoods I can tell you that I promise that while it may at times seem completely untrue trust that childhood stories will all be factual.

Today’s story comes to you by the randomness that is life. At the very end of November I wrote on an old friend’s wall about how we used to be the biggest nerds ever. Well life sometimes just fully brings pack the memories in a nicely bundled package.
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