Five Day Bender: Dirty Thirty

Saturday May 25th was a rough day….I woke up and it was just one of those I’m not really going to do anything today kind of days.

The one thing I managed to do was sit in a chair and not move for most of the day. It was magical.

At one point I thought about napping but the First Wives Club was on so that didn’t happen. It’s all good!

Around 6:30 I finally got up to get ready for Nikki’s Dirty Thirty!

Danny and I arrived at 7 so that we could help set up the decorations…the decorations got there around 7:30 but there was enough people to help that it wasn’t really a struggle. We were pretty much done by the time Nikki walked in…long hair…no caring.

The following is a shit show…enjoy!

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Five Day Bender: The Days Between Births

I was awoken on Thursday morning by the presence of Clark and Danny in the room with me.

Snapping a picture on the camera I got from Brandi and Kayla. I simply asked them to come cuddle because I was dead.

For some reason I had the urge to move at which point I uttered the words ‘I sat up and it hurt’ and ‘I can’t life right now’.

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Five Day Bender: My Birthday

Nothing says happy birthday like an 8 am wake up call.

Seriously though my brother woke me up at 8 am to follow him to the service shop so he could get his car worked on…rude sir!

Normally I would go home and go directly to bed but the episode of Full House where Kimmy’s almost gets married was on…so I watched it. Then went back to bed.

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Shhh! It’s Gossip Week 17


At the Billboard Music Awards Justin Bieber was presented with the Milestone Award…an award voted on by fans. So it’s not exactly a serious award. Anyway dude got up and said that he deserves to be respected for his music…then he got booed! It’s a great moment and worth the YouTube.

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