Just 22 Reactions to Reading Room 270

I consider myself to be retired from doing these blog posts. But I must say that due to the recent discoveries it was time to bring it back.

As the official gif blogger for all things Granite I couldn’t let such a salacious tale of egotism go unnoticed.

I would also like to say I fully support all of the victims in the situation and not the perpetrator.

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Just 22 Granite City Quarantine Things

It was requested to do a new blog post by one of my three fans still out there in the world. So why not capitalize on an unfortunate situation to try and have some laughter?

Well you may laugh or you may be confused because you’ve been spelling it Cornteen this whole time. But alas I present to you 22 Granite City Quarantine Things!

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22 Reactions To The 2017 Golden Globes!

When The Opening Number Was All About La La Land Because Ya Know We’ve All Seen La La Land…

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