16 Things That Make Me Cry

There is a large stigma on crying.

If you do it too much you’re an emotional train wreck.

If you don’t do it enough you’re cold.

I for one don’t mind crying but I choose to mostly do it alone. I don’t know how I manage to control it when I’m around other people but some how I just do!
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Driving Lessons

So this is a short story I wrote a couple years ago and I decided it was about time I shared it.

Hopefully you enjoy it!!!


Driving Lessons

For the past ten years I have lived in the small town of Chesterton. With a little over 1,000 residents it’s the kind of small town you see in movies but never see in real life. It was picture perfect, the main street was filled with beautiful shops owned by people in the town. Instead of a giant chain grocery store there was a small market that had everything you could need. When you moved here you really become a part of the town, everyone knows your name and would say hello when they saw you or wave when you passed each other on the road. It really was the most ideal place to live.
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The Best Show You’ve Never Seen…Maybe?

It all started 15 years ago!

Literally I looked it up and it happened on this date 15 years ago!

On April 7th, 1999 Comedy Central blessed the world with one of the greatest TV shows ever to be on Television!

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