Just 22 Granite City Quarantine Things

It was requested to do a new blog post by one of my three fans still out there in the world. So why not capitalize on an unfortunate situation to try and have some laughter?

Well you may laugh or you may be confused because you’ve been spelling it Cornteen this whole time. But alas I present to you 22 Granite City Quarantine Things!

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22 Reactions To The 2017 Golden Globes!

When The Opening Number Was All About La La Land Because Ya Know We’ve All Seen La La Land…

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Clowns: A National Crisis

There is an epidemic spreading across our nation….and no I’m not talking about Zika.

I’m talking about clowns.


Lately people have been claiming to see clowns all over the United States. Yes some of these so-called clowns have been real….but are all the sightings real?

In the day and age of camera phones why is it that no one can seem to get a picture of these fast-moving clowns that vanish suddenly?

We may never know…but it reminds me of a simpler time…you know when they found that Leprechaun in a tree in Mobile, Alabama.

A simpler time INDEED! Let’s now divulge into this epidemic!

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Just 22 More Additional Even More Granite City Things

Granite City was in the news last week…but that wasn’t enough for y’all! You had to go and get the news to come out again…for more nonsense

But I thank you for constantly out doing yourselves and helping me to continue to do posts like this!

Here are the previous posts for this who somehow missed them…

Just 22 Granite City Things

Just 22 More Granite City Things

Just 22 Even More Granite City Things

Just 22 Additional Even More Granite City Things

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This Heat Though…

It’s that time of year again!

When St. Louis humidity really pushes you to the extreme edge of do I want to live here? Or move to the fucking Tundra?

Well friends all I can say is the simple lie that the weather is 90% mental…if you don’t think about it…you won’t notice!

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