American Horror Story: Hotel

It was announced today that the theme of the next American Horror Story season will be Hotel.

Also they said Lady Gaga would be on it so I’m guessing that’s the terrifying part…

As someone who works in the daily horror that is hotels. I think I can properly make guesses as to what will happen in each episode!

Considering that each season consists of 13 episodes we will look at what may happen in each episode.

But don’t worry I have full confidence that Ryan Murphy will totally ruin the concept!

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RIP Parks and Recreation

Tonight my life is over!

Ok not really I’ll live but will I ever find a show as great as Parks and Recreation?

Probably not!

It’s an acquired taste that some haven’t yet tried. But I can assure you that if you gave the show a chance you would be obsessed!

Best thing to do is to talk about the lessons we have learned and some great momentsĀ from the show! With a special tribute to Lil Sebastian!

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The 15 Types Of Tears You’ll See At Speech Sectionals

Have you seen the movie The Hunger Games?

The first one where the kids all leap off the podium to slaughter the other kids?


That’s the only way to truly explain what Sectionals looked like!

Here is some speech math for you:

Speech has 14 events. 4 kids advance from Regionals in each event. 6 pieces break into a final. Only the Top 3 advance to State.

It’s a literal bloodbath!


If murder was allowed…I mean I’m just saying it might happen!

So many tears are shed all day…it’s Kleenex’s favorite day of the year probably. So why not show you an accurate depiction of the tears that are shed at Sectionals. Continue reading

Being Single On Valentine’s Day


Being single isn’t easy…or maybe it is…I guess really it depends on the person

There is one thing I do know that being single on a holiday that is all about celebrating your significant other is annoying!

You literally can’t escape the holiday. It’s right there in your face in fifty shades of red!

You can’t even get gas without being harassed with heart-shaped sweetarts!

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Facebook Free – A 3 Day Journey

So I was experiencing a deep case of the feels. It was real and it was strong.

I made the decision to deactivate my Facebook for 3 days to see if that would help.

Then I was like well I’m a blogger so I should probably use this experience.

As most of you already know I love a good gif post and I think this will qualify.

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