Whine About It Fucking Wednesdays!!!

Over the past couple months it has been brought to my attention that a person named Matt Bellassai exists and he does this thing called Whine About It Wednesday.


It’s been mentioned that we are very similar in our hatred of people, places and things…and our talent of social commentary.

But honestly the comparison has to stop! I work really hard at being an individual that is just the right amount of fun and weird and humorous.

As such I decided that this was fitting of a blog post…for myself to whine about being compared to someone else that has made it. Using direct quotes from people who have brought this up with me!
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It Works?

For those of you who have any form of social media you may have noticed this thing called It Works. I imagine most of you have because I hear people discuss it quite often!

It was requested that I make a satirical piece about the company and the posts people make pertaining to it and I’m not one to not accept a good challenge!

So if you are a person who sells It Works just know that this is not meant to offend but to make you laugh. If you’re offended well then call my lawyer!
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18 Times People Had No Chill!

Lately you may have noticed that people will literally say whatever the fuck they want online…sometimes it’s hilarious and sometimes it’s cringe worthy.
But thanks to these people with no chill we are entertained thoroughly!
According to Urban Dictionary the term No Chill is defined as:
At this particular moment you’re being extremely reckless
That negro PJ has no chill the way he was talking about Brian’s girl last night right in front of him.

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Just 22 Even More Granite City Things…

We may never be the Number 1 town in America

but we’re at least Top 5 in our own hearts!


Just 22 Granite City Things

Just 22 More Granite City Things

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Summer Time And The Living Isn’t Easy

Being an adult is hard…because you have these things called responsibilities.


Exactly Phil!

One thing they should tell you when you’re growing up is that once you’re an adult life is no longer simple. You can’t spend your days doing nothing anymore because there is always something you have to do.

So let’s look at some things you did growing up that you simply can’t do anymore or as much now that you’re an adult.

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