A Someday Somebody is someone who firmly believes that one day they will be a big deal. I believe that now I just have to wait for others to catch on!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Wesley. I’m an eccentric alcoholic with a heart of gold. I say what’s on my mind and only hold back certain details to protect others.

This blog will mainly consist of my drunken adventures, my past and whatever random thought pops into my head.

For any of those few who may get offended by the things that occur here….I don’t care. Sorry not sorry!

I’m basically a social media mogul…except not really my head isn’t that big…


Here are some reader reviews:

‘Copper’s content is a raw, fresh, honest look at what makes the modern day artist tick…I’m so sure of it that I haven’t even read it’ ~ Lynn Bobzin, Master of Dance

‘Reading Wesley’s blog makes my downstairs smile.’ ~ Bubba ‘not that into shrimp’ Britt

‘I don’t follow blogs, but I am obsessed with this one. This guy makes you laugh and actually question…is this real life? He also make you think…like the text message blog. I love this blog and have never consistently followed anything but this. It’s a great read!’ ~ Ellie Connelly, Super Fan

‘OMG this blog is like sooo funny. Like piss yourself, shit your pants kinda stuff.’ ~ Landon Cucchi, Homosexual

‘Wesley’s blog scares me because I know he’s going to post whatever terrible things I’ve done with him’ ~ Jessica ‘Clark’ Clark

So as you can see it’s a pretty amazing blog so why haven’t you been here yet?


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