30 Things That Are 30 Like Me

On May 22nd, 1985 the world was given a gift….it was me!

At 23 1/2 inches I came into the world ready to have a good time!

A lot of things are turning 30 this year…I haven’t quite decided if I’m including myself on that list yet…

But since the world was blessed with so many great things in 1985, such as myself, I figured why not celebrate 30 together!

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I Can’t Control My Face

Am I the only one who suffers from not being able to control the emotions shown on my face?

Just like my mouth, often my face is lacking a filter…so when I say one thing my face is telling another!

Which considering I went to school for Acting I should have some control on that…but since I’m not playing a character I suppose I’m slacking…or I just need to get into character.

Let me explain further with some examples for you!

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