Being Single As Fuck

Being Single is like a second job…

But I have two jobs already…so for me it’s like having a third job.

Just thinking about 3 jobs makes me tired!

Anyway, being single is tough work…sometimes though it’s like a vacation being single…

So it’s like a workcation…which sounds awful…I don’t really know where I’m going with this right now…but enjoy?  Continue reading

Superbowl Halftime NO!

Recently it was announced that the Superbowl committee offered the Halftime Show to Bruno Mars…for his second time performing.

Literally the dude just performed two years ago….he hasn’t even released a new album since doing it…

It’s just plain madness!!! Don’t even get me started on how lackluster I found the show to be…sorry if you disagree but when he performed in between Beyoncé and Katy Perry’s sharks his performance was disappointing at best!

So here is a list of people who should be doing the Halftime Show before Bruno Mars does it again…
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24/7 McDonald’s Breakfast!!!

Recently it was announced that McDonald’s would be doing Breakfast all day!

As a personal victim of the times that McDonald’s didn’t serve Breakfast 24/7 I thought it was appropriate for me to speak on the topic!

As a friend once said when I was getting McDonald’s and she was going there for the second time that day…

‘Bitch Hungry’

And right she was! Bitch is hungry…for breakfast any fucking time I want!  Continue reading