Wesley’s Best Of 2015 List!!!!

What a fun and exciting year 2015 was!

Go big or come home in your 30th year is what I say! Or did rather…

So lets finish the year with my Best List! Because obviously I’m qualified to nominate things as the best.

So let’s use our Latoya Jackson magnifying glasses and look back at 2015!


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Woes Of Christmas Shopping With My Parents

For those of you who’ve met my parents I’m sure you can understand how stressful it is to try to go shopping just three days before Christmas….

I mean honestly it’s stressful enough with just Teresa! Throw David in the mix and your basically counting the minutes until a public spat happens.  Continue reading

14 Types Of People You’ll See At A Holiday Party

Tis the season for attending multiple events! Many of which fall on the same night…let’s face it people there are only so many Fridays and Saturdays in a month!

If you haven’t been invited to any events….well maybe work on your personality a bit before the next holiday season!

As a veteran Holiday Party attendee I feel as if I’m the proper person to inform the masses about the types of people you’ll see at a Holiday Party. Continue reading