The 24 Types of People You’ll See On Facebook!

I’M BACK!!!!!!!


Sorry it’s been an extremely busy couple weeks with many events and myself turning 30 and obviously now that I’m 30 I’m tired…

So now that I’m back from a small hiatus I’ll give you all the gift a new and fun gif post!

The 24 Types of People You’ll See On Facebook!

The Game Addict


It is 20 fucking 15 why are you still sending me requests for dumb shit games on Facebook….If I don’t play it I’m probably not going to play it now that you sent me an invite!

The Jesus Freak


We get it you’re really into the Lord…we get it! But if that’s the only thing you have to update on I’m sure there is some sort of Jesusbook out there for you to post on!

The Stalker


They never comment or like anything on your FB but they will tell you in person how much they enjoy your FB posts.

The Oversharer


We get it! You get a lot of UTI’s but do you really need to post your vaginal problems on FB? There is such a thing as private messages!

The Did You See This


Thank you! Thanks to you I have seen the most useless shit!

The Food Expert


Bitch will post all about their fancy food…but when they share a photo of it, it’s basic ass fucking chicken….and damn carrots!

The Ghost


You see them online ALL the time…but they never post anything and they never comment…why is you here?

The Workaholic

giphy (1)

All you really know about them is that they work. Because it’s all they talk about!

The Salesman


This person will literally try to get you to buy whatever they’re selling! A house, Tupperware, skin care…it doesn’t matter they will post about it several time during the day and sometimes me even message you about it!

The We Should Try This Person

giphy (2)

Listen I’m all for fun…but if someone else already did it then why should we do the same thing? Do your own thing boo boo

The Commenter


They only keep breathing so that they can leave a dumb as fuck comment on your fb about something! Sometimes it doesn’t even have anything to do with what you posted about. But they’re literally every where!

The Opinionator


We get it! You have very strong opinions…but maybe try shutting the fuck up now and again…people may like you more!

The Diseased


Like is there actually something wrong with you? Yes you’re a hypochondriac!

The Stealth Shade Thrower


You won’t often she them call someone out. In fact most of the time the message is so deeply coded it’s hard to figure out. Or they will message you to talk shit. Either way it’s all entertaining!

The Party Animal


If you went through their photos it would be filled with nights out and a cocktail in one hand!

The Dumb Fuck


You would be honestly surprised if they managed to get through a status update spelling a word right.

The Overreacter


Tread lightly anything you say can and will be held against you when they decide to comment some nonsense instead of messaging you to discuss their thoughts.

The Deaf


So they’re not really deaf but they sure do love the fucking Caps Lock!

The Fitness Guru


I mean good on them! They can probably teach you a thing or two about how to better your body…but every once in a while I want to see something unhealthy happening…you know?

The Nudist


They’re probably never wearing clothes in any of their photos…I mean but you make me worry you don’t actually own many items of clothing…

The Mom Squad 


Whether they’re talking about one of their kids bad ear infections or sharing the newest way to remove stains for good…when one mom posts, all moms like it, comment on it, share it or give you another idea for those pesky stains!

The Nomad


They have a new job every other day, always looking for a place to live, etc. They really just need to try to see something through for once. Apparently no one has ever said give it a year to them…

The Lost In Love


They just want to be loved…and even if they’ve been together with someone for two hours…they’ve already changed their relationship status and posted a bunch of selfies to commemorate the relationship the will end on Friday

The Time Machine


Literally I don’t know what’s going on with them now…but I know what happened to them 8 years ago! Because they never stop talking about it!

If you’re personally victimized by any of the jokes mentioned above….sorry?

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