Jurrocking My World: A Jurassic World Love Story

I can’t fully explain all the feels I’ve had in regards to this masterpiece coming out on Friday.

I’ve been driving everyone crazy about it since I went to see the Jurassic Park 3D rerelease!


I can only hope that other people feel the same way that I do…

An intense feeling….it’s like an 8 year old is literally screaming inside of me to go watch this movie…that 8 year old is me!

Waiting For The Studio To Announce Jurassic Park 4


When I Found Out Jurassic World Was Happening


Searching The Internet For Any And All Information On The New Movie


When You Read The Books So You Know Things Other People Don’t


When People Talk Bad About Jurassic Park III


Waiting Fucking 14 Years


When They Waited Too Long For Dr. Hammond To Reprise His Role (RIP Richard)


Hoping To Hear That Original Cast Members Would Be Returning


All We Got Was BD Wong

giphy (1)

(side note: his character has a larger role in the book)

When I Saw The First Teaser Trailer


Rewatching The Other Movies


When The Movies Get Marathoned On TV


When They Announced The Original T-Rex Would Be In This Movie

giphy (2)

When They Dropped The Full Movie Trailer


When You Saw What The Raptors Were Doing In The Trailer


When The Mososaur Came Out Of The Water

giphy (3)

When They Showed The New Made Up Dinosaur


When You Finally Get To Watch The Movie


Worrying About Whether Or Not They’ll Do A Jurassic Park 5


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