18 Judges You’ll See At A Speech Tournament

This is a follow-up to the 18 Kids You’ll See At A Speech Tournament post.

Since I called out the kids on their behavior it seemed only fitting to call out the judges.

Good and bad we rely on judges to give feedback to kids to better their performances.

Sometimes we get great judges…sometimes we don’t! It’s always hit and miss and it’s out of our control which is super frustrating!

So please enjoy the types of judges you’ll see at a speech tournament!

The Cool Judge


This is the judge that kids want to have. They keep the round moving but make the kids feel comfortable at the same time.

The Mom Judge


Literally this is someone’s mom who is judging. They’re very positive even when telling you you were awful. Which they would never do because they’re a mom.

The Sleeper Judge


Someone didn’t get enough sleep last night. Don’t worry they’ll get caught up in the middle of your performance.

The Recent Grad Judge


It’s like they haven’t even left! Because they haven’t! It’s fine though we like them.

The Bitter Recent Grad Judge


They probably should have waited a few years to come back to judge. They’re still mad that someone younger than them beat them at sectionals and they’ll make sure their rank reflects that hatred.

The I Can’t Believe They’re Judging Judge


This is a former competitor that was so bad it doesn’t make sense for them to be judging or it’s as if they were pulled off the street to judge and have no concept of what speech is. It’s a recipe for disaster!

The Texting Judge


Sorry but they really need to respond to this text. Even if you’re in the middle of performing.

The Novel Writer Judge


Seriously though you’re holding up the entire tournament to say the same thing 9 different ways. Kids don’t have the attention span for you! Short & sweet works!

The Encouraging Judge


The whole time you’re performing this judge is just nodding away at you and smiling like you’re killing it even if you’re not…

The Unimpressed Judge


There is nothing you can do about this one. They don’t know what they’re looking for or expecting but your performance isn’t it.

The Old School Judge


They competed in the 1992 school year. They’re not even aware that rules are different. They’ll probably give you last place for saying ‘bitch’ in your piece because that’s not how they did things in 1992. I bet they use a cane.

The Crying Judge


If you’re in a dramatic event and you perform just right…WATERWORKS! If the tear stains on the critique don’t give it away, don’t worry they’ll write it down to let you know as well.

The Bus Driver Judge


Literally a school hired their bus driver to judge rounds rather than hire someone through the hosting school…

The Offended Judge


Some judges will tell you to be careful of material because of judges like this. You can do a piece where you love dogs and the judge loves cats. It’s pretty much over. They will find every reason to hate your piece.

The Dreamboat Judge


This judge makes all the girls and gays swoon. Rendering you near speechless and more nervous than you already were. They walk into the room and time stops for a moment.

The Hot Mess Judge


They just can’t get it together! They probably drank the night before, woke up late and barely made it to the tournament.

The Late Judge


Here is the deal kids…a judge will tell you that their last round ran late, which could be true, but in all honesty they were eating food.

The Resting Bitch Face Judge


They probably love everything you’re doing…but you can’t tell from their face. Because all you see is hatred.

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