Mario Kart Problems

Have you ever played the game Mario Kart?

It was designed, I’m sure, to bring joy to your life.

However the game has been destroying friendships and families since 1992!


So I decided to take your average Mario Kart Problems and pair them with the appropriate gif!

I’m sorry if this post brings up any unhealed wounds that people may have from playing this game.

Just know that I play as Mario and I win!

When You Celebrate Victory, But There Is Still One Lap To Go


When The Blue Shell Hits You As You’re About To Cross The Finish Line


Slipping On A Banana Peel Right Before Jumping And You Fall Into Last Place


When You Throw A Banana And You Hit It Yourself


Missing The Rainbow Road Jump On N64


Burning Out At The Starting Line


Getting Hit Three Times In A Row Because Everyone’s An Asshole


Turning Too Fast And Falling Off A Cliff


When The Person In Front Of You Takes All The Item Boxes


When Your Friend Plays As Your Character

giphy (1)

When Someone Steals Your Blue Shell


When Someone Steals Your Lightning Bolt You Were Saving For The Right Moment


When Someone Steals Your Bananas


When You Shoot A Red Shell And It Hits NOTHING


When You’re In First Place And You Only Get Green Shells And Bananas


Now remember, if you’re friends going into the game you should be friends coming out. Don’t lose friends because your douche friend used a blue shell on you!


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