31 Essential Halloween Movies!

People have been asking me ‘Wesley what movies should I watch this Halloween?’

…Ok people haven’t really been asking me this but when it comes to Holiday themed movies I don’t fuck around!

I’ve seen all of these movies and it’s about damn time the rest of you get your shit together and catch up!

I’m looking at you friends who are having babies instead of cocktails! You know who you are!

1. Hocus Pocus


Because Obviously!

2. Ernest Scared Stupid


Because it’s stupid fun!

3. Mean Girls


I mean…there is a Halloween scene!

4. Beetlejuice


Because nothing says Halloween like death and exploring the other side

5. ET


Just for this interaction where you realize that ET clearly knows Yoda! #mindblown

6. Frankenweenie


I love Frankenweenie. I loved the live action original as well. If anything this is a movie for people who have ever lost a pet and wished they could bring it back.

7. The Halloween Tree


While it may seem lame this is actually overly informational. It teaches people about the origins of Halloween and how it’s changed.

8. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


It wouldn’t be a holiday without a Charlie Brown special…which is part of the reason people don’t really celebrate Casimir Pulaski day anymore

9. Monsters, Inc.


Because there are Monsters! Duh!

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas


What better way to kick off Christmas movie season than with a half-breed holiday film?

11. ParaNorman


You should watch this one because you probably haven’t already. But because the characters show so much growth.

12. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


This movie was practically orange/yellow tinted so it’s perfect for October!

13. Phantom of the Megaplex


Back in the day Disney Channel used to make super awesome movies. This one included!

14. Casper


Because you need to be aware of how stalkers behave…and Devon Sawa!

15. Halloweentown


The Ultimate!

16. Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge


Because now you’ll know where socks go when they disappear!

17. Halloweentown High


This one is ok…but you have to watch the third for the trilogy. NEVER WATCH THE FOURTH ONE!

18. Stepmom


It’s so fall! And they celebrate Halloween! With pretty rocking costumes I might add.

19. Practical Magic


Sandra Bullock is a witch…do you need anymore information?

20. Tower of Terror


A Movie based on a ride? What could go wrong?

21. The Haunted Mansion


The answer to the question on number 20!

22. The Addams Family


This movie is just so smart and well written.

23. The Addams Family Values


Wednesday Addams for the win!

24. Fun Size

giphy (1)

This movie is all about Halloween and it’s ok but Jane Levy is pretty awesome.

25. The Witches

giphy (2)

What could be more terrifying than looking at that face?

26. The Craft

giphy (3)

You did this! We all did this!

27. Sleepy Hollow


Watch for Christina Ricci Queen of October…Also because the movie is badass

28. Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School


This movie is the cutest! Anyone who disagrees can take several seats!

29. Ghostbusters


Their job is to hunt ghosts….HUNT GHOSTS!!!

30. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark


Because it’s camp and Elvira is the Mistress of the Dark obvi!

31. Hocus Pocus


Don’t fuck around! Just watch Hocus Pocus!!!!


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