31 Days, 31 Scary Movies!!

Growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s it was a simpler time.

A time when cable networks didn’t really have original programming and basically only played scary movies.

In fact on weekends you could hang out at home and watch MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs. It was pretty great!

So I have compiled a list to go along with the family friendly Halloween movies found here!

So please enjoy 31 scary movies for October!

1. Silver Bullet


1. It’s Stephen King 2. The main character is a boy in a wheelchair 3. Gary Busey!

2. The Hills Have Eyes (2006)


The Hill people are so gross and the movie is so gory. It’s just really fucked up and probably based on a true story.

3. Dawn of the Dead (2004)


As far as Zombie movies go this one is one of the more legit ones!

4. Scream Series


You can’t just watch one, you have to watch them all! Take this day to learn about Sidney Prescott and all her dead friends.

5. Halloween Series


So obviously you can skip some of these movies! So I’ll suggest you can do this

Jamie Lee – Halloween, Halloween 2, H2O, Halloween: Resurrection

Danielle Harris – Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween 4, Halloween 5

6. The Skeleton Key


Basically you need to watch Gena Rowlands be a total badass!

7. The Blair Witch Project


We all know it’s fake but watch like you don’t know that! Turn off all the lights!

8. The Strangers


Because you’ll always double-check the locks in your home after this!

9. The Grudge


You’ll be scaring people with that noise after you watch this movie!

10. Insidious Series


These two movies will scare you far more than you need to be scared!

11. Friday the 13th Series


Well it started with his momma but Jason def kept the kills coming!

Watch the original for sure! But also for the other films in the series they’re all worth watching.

12. Nightmare on Elm Street Series


I don’t advocate Freddy. But I will say that they did create some great female leads.

You have to finish off this weekend with Freddy vs. Jason. It’s the only way!

13. Wrong Turn


So I love this movie! It actually scares me that Inbreeding in West Virginia could get this out of hand!

14. Carrie


Don’t play games…watch the original!

15. The Conjuring


A legitimate scary movie based on a true story. With all parties involved saying ‘Yup that happened’ GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!

16. I Know What You Did Last Summer


If you pretend Jennifer Love Hewitt dies it’s a much better movie

17. Misery


This is one of my favorite movies ever! It’s very hard to watch at times because you can feel the pain inflicted but it’s worth it.

18. Poltergeist Series


The first 2 are great. The 3rd one wasn’t as good but let’s remember the girl who played Carolann died while they were filming so you have to acknowledge that while you watch.

19. Childs Play Series


Stop after the 3rd one…it just gets messier and campier.

20. The Exorcist


Because you’re from St. Louis and this story comes from here, make it your business to see this movie.

21. The Shining


One of the most well acted scary movies out there…because lets face it scary movies aren’t known for their acting.

22. The Crazies

giphy (1)

One of those our government has gotten out of hand with germ warfare movies. This one however it great!

23. Jaws


This movie literally scared people from going in the ocean when it came out. We know it’s just a puppet shark but back then they didn’t know that.

24. IT


There is nothing more terrifying than Pennywise….NOTHING

25. Final Destination Series


Really to watch this series you just have to decide which disaster you’d like to start with.

Airplane crash, Highway pileup, Rollercoaster derailed, stadium collapse from a race car crash or a bridge collapse.

26. Alien Series


Stop at 3….if you even watch 3. The first two are so good you may need to skip it.

27. The Exorcism of Emily Rose


Blended with a court case claiming she wasn’t possessed it’s up to you to believe that she was….SHE WAS!

28. Sorority Row


A great slasher film and it’s as ridiculous as you would expect!

29. Darkness Falls


I watched this movie with a group of friends in the dark…it was one of the most frightening experiences ever!

30. The Ring

giphy (2)

Don’t lie you’re still afraid of this movie…and you should be!

31. The Cabin in the Woods


A very modern twist on a classic Horror set up. Definitely worth watching!

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