Shhh! It’s Gossip Week 17


At the Billboard Music Awards Justin Bieber was presented with the Milestone Award…an award voted on by fans. So it’s not exactly a serious award. Anyway dude got up and said that he deserves to be respected for his music…then he got booed! It’s a great moment and worth the YouTube.


David Beckham has quit soccer…which confused most people who just thought he was an underwear model.


Rumors circulated that Beyoncé is pregnant with baby number two! She however shot down these claims saying people who make up rumors are scum.


A woman named Stephanie Reddus was arrested for putting her 3-year-old up for adoption on Craigslist. Clearly this is Craigslist’s fault for giving people the false idea that they can put anything on Craigslist.


Taco Bell will soon start serving a waffle taco…thoughts?


Charlie Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller has entered rehab and the twins she had with Charlie are now being taken care of by Charlie’s other ex Denise Richards…great that she stepped in to help but why is it that Charlie isn’t capable of taking care of his children?


Angelina Jolie voluntarily had a double mastectomy in order to lower her chances of getting breast cancer. Yes it is accurate to say that it’s a bold move and an inspiration to woman everywhere. The problem being that most women aren’t able to get this done through their insurance.


Here’s the Mother we’ve all been waiting for!


Farrah Abraham claimed that she missed her period and was worried she may have gotten herself pregnant from her porn costar James Deen. Considering the porn company would never allow that to happen for one and for two bitch took it in the ass more than she did in the vag! James was not pleased with the publicity stunt and said it made him miss Lindsay Lohan.


Speaking of Lindsay…her adderall was taken away from her in rehab and she’s allegedly gaining weight like crazy. Eating to compensate for the lack of the drug….hey but at least she’s getting clean.

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