Maybe It’s Just Me?…But Old People Are Awful!

What you see….


What I see…


I think I’m like most of you I like old people when I’m related to them…for the most part. Now before you decide I’m an ass let me explain.

I work in a Casino/Hotel so I work with old people on the regular and they are completely obnoxious. I congratulate you for living this long but seriously they need to take a chill pill.


The ability for the elderly to flip a switch from being innocent to crazy is the only fast-moving part of their body! For instance if the hotel were to sell out the night before that doesn’t mean I should have a room for you at 8 am because you’ve been up since 4 am. I’m sorry but check in isn’t until 4pm…it’s not that confusing. So why get upset with someone for something you that is actually you’re error?


Old people have this private club called AARP. I was invited to join them at the young age of 25 only to have my card taken away from me at a fucking Hallmark. Apparently I hadn’t earned the right to carry that card. But here is the real question…have they?


Have you ever had to talk to a person on the phone that was hard of hearing? Here’s the deal I shouldn’t have to yell into the phone for you to hear me…for you to constantly be saying what? Or hear the wrong thing. Deaf people don’t use the phone for a reason…think about it!



They’re actually menaces behind the wheel. I’ve never been in a car accident but I have almost been in a car accident with old people on multiple occasions. One time my mom hit an old lady with her car. Here’s the reason: The light turned green and the lady started to go then braked suddenly so my mom slammed into her. The reason for the sudden braking you ask? Because the green light over her lane was burnt out so it wasn’t green for her…


Apparently when you’re old you’re under the assumption that everyone should hear what you need to say. Well this is not a fact! I for one don’t want to hear stories of the glory days of walking to school. I also don’t want to hear your thoughts on the current President. I for one am a firm believer that at that age you should know how to respect the person in office even if they weren’t who you wanted. Also please take a hint! How can you not tell when someone is completely uninterested in what you have to say?


On that note why are old people always yelling? Like my hearing is fine old person no need to yell at me! Control your temper!


You lose control for a second and you think it’s WWII! #Airraid!


‘How do you feel knowing when you’re older you won’t have social security?’ – Old lady

‘Well lady I’ll tell ya it feels great seeing my social security walk to the casino!’ – Me


I also find it interesting when they seem all crippled like. There was a guy in a wheelchair who jumped up so fast out of that chair to try to punch me in the face. I was like obviously this guy doesn’t really need to chair he’s just old and lazy.

Who died and made you boss? Oh your elders!

There is only one old person I would never fuck with…


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