Being Single On Valentine’s Day


Being single isn’t easy…or maybe it is…I guess really it depends on the person

There is one thing I do know that being single on a holiday that is all about celebrating your significant other is annoying!

You literally can’t escape the holiday. It’s right there in your face in fifty shades of red!

You can’t even get gas without being harassed with heart-shaped sweetarts!

When people ask if you have plans for Valentine’s day


My plans are drinking alone


Maybe I’ll spend the night eating my feelings


Or going to bed early


Honestly I’ll probably spend time thinking about all the money I’ll be saving


Or watching a bunch of romance films…alone


When you’re in a relationship you seem to forget the struggle of what it’s like to be single. It’s not your fault that you now say all the wrong things to your single friends. I’m sure that you’ll work on it!

You just have to understand that EVERYTHING is a reminder that you’re single and that valentine’s is right around the corner.

Entering any store and seeing their huge red display of love!


You can’t go out to eat with a friend because the server will assume it’s a date.


Cooking for one it is!


Then there is the issue of gifts…

The most desperate of single people will give out Valentine’s to everyone…we get it…you’re filled with love. Get a cat!

Sometimes though you don’t get anything for Valentine’s


Sometimes you give yourself something


Sometimes you just get one from your mom


You get questioned by the clerk when making your large purchase of chocolates.


As Valentines is approaching you tend to get a little stressed that the people you’ve been ‘talking to’ haven’t asked you out yet.


Don’t they know what day is coming up?


You can’t blame them though…there is a lot of pressure if you meet up with the wrong person around Valentine’s day.


After having your dinner for one you and your other single friends will meet up for cocktails and bad decisions


Now this is the part where it’s specifically addressed to people who want to help their single friend. Sometimes you just need to offer and ear if they want to talk about it.


Just your ear! If they wanted your opinion on them they’d ask for it! So I want to help you with a small list of things you should avoid doing around this time of year.

1. Don’t say ‘You’ll find someone soon’

giphy (2)

You literally don’t know that! Don’t fill single friend with the hope of romance!

2. Don’t say ‘Your special person is out there’


Ok well what is my special person is in fucking France…what then? I’m not going to France anytime soon soooooooo keep your mouth shut!

3. Don’t offer for single friend to come with you.


Nothing will make single friend feel more pathetic than third wheeling on your Valentine’s Day date.

4. Don’t try to set them up with someone on a whim.

giphy (1)

If your friend is single it’s probably because they know what they’re looking for but haven’t found it. Most times a quick setup isn’t going to work out because they have zero things in common except you.

5. Don’t go into every detail of your Valentines Day


Single friends can sometimes be bitter bitches. The last thing you want to do is piss them off because you only want to talk about how great your love life is.

So Happy Valentines Day or Singles Awareness Day to you all!

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