Facebook Free – A 3 Day Journey

So I was experiencing a deep case of the feels. It was real and it was strong.

I made the decision to deactivate my Facebook for 3 days to see if that would help.

Then I was like well I’m a blogger so I should probably use this experience.

As most of you already know I love a good gif post and I think this will qualify.

So I actually had no idea how to even go about deactivating my Facebook. So the first thing I had to do was research how to do that!


It listed a bunch of options as to how long you wanted to deactivate for. 3 days seemed like it would be for the best. One click and it was gone!


Then of course to remove further temptation from myself I went ahead and deleted the facebook apps from my phone.


It was easy…on paper. But as soon as I deleted it I could feel this weird pull inside of my body like I was missing something. Like I should change my mind and just get back in there!


I will say it was super cute getting a text right away asking if I blocked someone.


I will say I don’t really block people…who am I kidding! I’ve blocked plenty of people but most of them shouldn’t question why they were blocked. If you have to question it then that means you probably didn’t do anything. (I did recently get blocked by someone because they thought I should give up Pepper Ann…yeah ok)

Having to explain why I deactivated can be difficult!


But basically I need some time to clear my head after an incident. As easy as that maybe for some it isn’t always easy for me to let things go. Especially in the category of betrayal.

I did think it was cute that people text me more about my dog and wanting to see updates on here and not me…


And while I wasn’t supposed to come back until Friday I was brought back early for two reasons!

1. I forgot my phone at home and didn’t want people to think I had offed myself or something.

2, The most magical thing happened on The Tonight Show last night and I just had to share it!

This was probably the best that could be expected. It’s everything I ever wanted out of a Saved by the Bell reunion. Minus Lisa Turtle…I mean that would have been cool.

Also I would have died if they managed to get the same background people in the video. That would have been hilarious.

Also can we talk about how old Jimmy Fallon looks with that mullet?

And knowing that somewhere out there Dustin Diamond is pissed as fuck about it makes me feel a hell of a lot better!

So I may have ended my journey sooner than later it feels nice to have a break now and again.

A three day journey because a two day journey but it’s all good.

If you ever feel overwhelmed just take a break.

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