24/7 McDonald’s Breakfast!!!

Recently it was announced that McDonald’s would be doing Breakfast all day!

As a personal victim of the times that McDonald’s didn’t serve Breakfast 24/7 I thought it was appropriate for me to speak on the topic!

As a friend once said when I was getting McDonald’s and she was going there for the second time that day…

‘Bitch Hungry’

And right she was! Bitch is hungry…for breakfast any fucking time I want!¬† Continue reading

Is It Just Me?: Texting and Driving!

Have you seen those commercials where families are showing you messages that are the last texts that were sent from someone’s phone before dying in a car accident?

Is it bad that I watch them and wonder to myself…man I hope the last text I send is something completely amazing!!!!

Don’t get me wrong I totally feel for these people since they lost a loved one and all but let’s face it…I know I’m not alone in this thought.

So I asked friends what would they like to have as their final text?

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