27 Moments You Have When You’re In The Granite City Walmart

Anyone who lives in Granite City can tell you it’s one of the Gates to Hell. I’m sure Google can confirm this.

It’s almost like a social experiment that people don’t know that they’re in. It’s rarely fully stocked and even rarely clean. It’s not that it’s filthy by any means, it’s just got a grimy feel too it.

In my youth I actually worked at the property for a few months. It was the oddest experience ever! I worked in cart and layaway…heavy lifter over here y’all!

So believe me when I say I understand your pain when discussing the GC Wal-Mart. Been there, done that, got laid off!

Without further adieu, I present to you Granite City Wal-Mart in a nutshell!

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Three Day Bender

After a horrifyingly stressful work week I was ready to party on Thursday. Starting off with the always amazing All U Can Drink in which Alex was supposed to drink with me but then had to work only to be off early and drink with me. I’m fairly certain I wasn’t drunk but considering the fact the I slept until 2 pm on Friday…I must have been. It’s really all a blur.

Once I got my ass up I basically had enough time to tragically hangover eat before meeting up with Alex and Christian to see The Hobbit at the Moolah. It was in 3D I’m not really sure what exactly made people feel sick I thought the movie looked really good just didn’t need to really be 3 hours long.
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