Why Don’t You Pour Some More Vodka In There?

There isn’t a better feeling than waking up with a smile, especially if you’re smiling because of a wonderful evening prior.

Worked on that treadmill some…we still aren’t friends but I think we are working on having some sort of relationship.

Heard from Alex who was up surprisingly early compared to his normal schedule. Said to come over whenever to start our 1 on 1 friend day but I could go nowhere until I had watched how Shonda Rhimes had fucked up Grey’s this week! That bitch needs to just let everyone be happy and let the patients have the drama!

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Traveling Shit Show: Y’all Got Any Hot Dogs?

Every so often one must mix up the routine. So rather than go to the same old bars where everyone knows your name, you go somewhere where people have no idea who you are.

Friday could not have come any sooner. Had to get the oil change then run and meet Stephanie to get my Hilton pass for our room. Followed by hanging with Alex, mostly just so I could get my vodka, went to Buffalo Wild Wings with him.

Once I got dropped off it was time to get in my car and let the adventure begin. Headed over to Danny’s to pick everyone up, Nikki literally was right behind me. Which was great because I got to hear to awkward interactions with her and Danny’s black neighbors. Continue reading

White Trash and Wasted!

Even as I sit here and begin to write this I must say I’m so tired!

My entire body is in pain. I’m seriously not drinking this week because the thought of it makes me want to vomit, which you’ll soon find out actually happened.

Lets take a journey back and remember this shitastic weekend. For starters Thursday I got to go to dinner with Alex and Kayla. We went to this BBQ place called Pappy’s. It was really good but I didn’t finish my food so Kayla ate my fries. Everytime one of the workers walked by us they would try to take it and bitch almost pulled a Chris Farley in Gap Girls it was fantastic. Continue reading

Extra Boughie Cat Patties

Being scheduled to work 12-8:30 on Thursday should have been a good thing. I got to sleep in which is always nice knowing you’ll be out drinking later…however worked sucked dick. It was so stupid annoying. Like how many times do we need to give out keys to the wrong room? Ridiculous.

Anywho once I was off work it was time to get the party started! Changed at Alex and Nikki’s because as you can see my work uniform is gross as fuck!

Headed down to the bar for a night of debauchery! Once I got there Alex acted like I was a douchebag for not noticing he got a haircut and color….we were sitting in the dark. Someone needed to lock it up and the night had only just begun.

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I mean but take a picture…

I spend every work day thinking to myself ok when do I get to drink…Thursday but of course. So when I punch out at 4:30 it’s time for the fun and adventure to begin.

Now normally Alex and I would eat before going to the bar but I was so fucking full from eating at the Buffet at work that I literally couldn’t think about food. Nor could he because his tooth hurt too bad to eat. So we literally just sat around.

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