Birthday, a cause of celebration of the birth of a person born on that day.

And unless you’re a Jehovah’s witness you celebrate your birthday.

It’s the one day of the year that is all about you!

*Unless of course you share your birthday with someone you know…then it’s about both people*

I thought to myself in honor of my birth and all of the births it would be fun to do a birthday gif post! Hope you enjoy!!!
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Things You Can Buy Gina and Wesley For Their Birthday 2014

We are both painfully aware of how difficult it is to shop for a friend.

Obviously you don’t want to get them something that they don’t like.

So we decided that we would make it easier for everyone and compile a list of things we would like for our birthday!

Now we also realize how easy these gifts are to get so we can’t wait to have them all at our Let’s Get Physical party.
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Extra Boughie Cat Patties

Being scheduled to work 12-8:30 on Thursday should have been a good thing. I got to sleep in which is always nice knowing you’ll be out drinking later…however worked sucked dick. It was so stupid annoying. Like how many times do we need to give out keys to the wrong room? Ridiculous.

Anywho once I was off work it was time to get the party started! Changed at Alex and Nikki’s because as you can see my work uniform is gross as fuck!

Headed down to the bar for a night of debauchery! Once I got there Alex acted like I was a douchebag for not noticing he got a haircut and color….we were sitting in the dark. Someone needed to lock it up and the night had only just begun.

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