This Heat Though…

It’s that time of year again!

When St. Louis humidity really pushes you to the extreme edge of do I want to live here? Or move to the fucking Tundra?

Well friends all I can say is the simple lie that the weather is 90% mental…if you don’t think about it…you won’t notice!

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23 Things You’ll See At The St. Elizabeth’s Carnival

Once a year the city of Granite host their own form of the gathering of the Juggalos


A time when as a whole the city can come together at a church to celebrate….alcohol and funnel cakes!

It actually happens multiple times during the summer but the St. Elizabeth carnival is the only one that take it to a WHOLE other level….

Whomever is the current Priest  will hopefully keep me off the prayer list after reading this!

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Kids Today….

Yesterday I overheard a conversation of a parent and child. The parent said a quote that is like second nature to me


To which the child/demon responded “Mom you need to stop quoting that old movie’

I had to hold myself back from hitting that child! I mean for real what a rude little bitch!

Ugh anyway…todays kids will never understand what it really felt like to be alive! Mostly because of Helicopter parents.

So this post goes out to that shit head child who called The Sandlot old and to those parents who say things like “I loved doing this as a kid’ because you’re literally aging it for the child and they have no choice but to think it’s old!

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Just 22 Additional Even More Granite City Things

Well I still haven’t received my key to the city for these amazing posts…I did decide to do another post for you!

If you’re not familiar with the previous posts click their links

Just 22 Granite City Things

Just 22 More Granite City Things

Just 22 Even More Granite City Things


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