Clowns: A National Crisis

There is an epidemic spreading across our nation….and no I’m not talking about Zika.

I’m talking about clowns.


Lately people have been claiming to see clowns all over the United States. Yes some of these so-called clowns have been real….but are all the sightings real?

In the day and age of camera phones why is it that no one can seem to get a picture of these fast-moving clowns that vanish suddenly?

We may never know…but it reminds me of a simpler time…you know when they found that Leprechaun in a tree in Mobile, Alabama.

A simpler time INDEED! Let’s now divulge into this epidemic!

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Just 22 More Additional Even More Granite City Things

Granite City was in the news last week…but that wasn’t enough for y’all! You had to go and get the news to come out again…for more nonsense

But I thank you for constantly out doing yourselves and helping me to continue to do posts like this!

Here are the previous posts for this who somehow missed them…

Just 22 Granite City Things

Just 22 More Granite City Things

Just 22 Even More Granite City Things

Just 22 Additional Even More Granite City Things

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Just 22 SIUE Things

If you ever attended SIUE then these will most likely make sense.

If you haven’t then it probably won’t…but that’s fine it’s still kinda funny.

It’s also been ages since I attended SIUE so this could seem dated because I went there eons ago! But hopefully you find something here you can relate to!
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Pokemon Go No? More Like Go Yaasss!!!!!!!!!!

Alright confession time!

I fucking like playing Pokemon…just the game though…not like full-fledged card collecting or anything.

But the only thing that could make the games better is to be able to play them outside…and welp now it’s fucking happened!

So let’s Pokemon Go through this gif post…that was lame but whatever!
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