Dear MTV


Look I enjoy a lot of your programs. I really do. I mean Teen Wolf is pretty freaking great.

Also you’re coming out with a TV version of Scream and honestly I’m really excited about it!

But part of me feels empty in your current programming. This might just be my opinion but I feel like after reading this a lot of people will agree with me or they won’t…whatever!

I just have a few suggestions… Continue reading

90’s Sick Day TV!!!

Before we were adults there used to be this magical think called a sick day.

A day when you could just be home and have a slight sniffle. Enjoy some Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and curl up with some fluids and watch the boob tube.

Now you have to be like really sick to think about taking a sick day. Because as an adult you just don’t have time to be sick.

But if I were to get sick tomorrow I can say that the Daytime TV would be poor quality compared to the shows we had then! Also it would probably be spent catching up on my DVR.

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Why You Only Mad About Leo?

I just came across an article about Leonardo DiCaprios new movie where he will play¬†a person with multiple personality disorder. The article then went on to discuss could this be the movie that finally gets Leo an Oscar…

Did I miss something? Why do we care so much about him never winning? Why is it we care only about Leo?

It’s actually quite annoying! Honestly it’s an honor to be nominated…they get a pretty swag gift bag from what I hear!

So while you’re out there complaining about that I want to remind you of some other people who haven’t won an Academy Award! Continue reading

The 15 Types Of Tears You’ll See At Speech Sectionals

Have you seen the movie The Hunger Games?

The first one where the kids all leap off the podium to slaughter the other kids?


That’s the only way to truly explain what Sectionals looked like!

Here is some speech math for you:

Speech has 14 events. 4 kids advance from Regionals in each event. 6 pieces break into a final. Only the Top 3 advance to State.

It’s a literal bloodbath!


If murder was allowed…I mean I’m just saying it might happen!

So many tears are shed all day…it’s Kleenex’s favorite day of the year probably. So why not show you an accurate depiction of the tears that are shed at Sectionals. Continue reading