Just 22 Reactions to Reading Room 270

I consider myself to be retired from doing these blog posts. But I must say that due to the recent discoveries it was time to bring it back.

As the official gif blogger for all things Granite I couldn’t let such a salacious tale of egotism go unnoticed.

I would also like to say I fully support all of the victims in the situation and not the perpetrator.

“So how do you make a 34 year old married man, the most revered teacher in his high school, fall desperately in love with the 18 year old student body president? Easy. I’ll tell you. Make them beautiful. Make them spend countless hours together in a classroom. Force them to work closely on dozens of difficult projects. Give them each other’s phone numbers. Take away his resolve and her better judgment. You have your ingredients. Mix. Watch your tragedy unfold.”

Peanut Butter Titties

When he blamed having kids for his marriage not working

When he blames his wife because shes not enough of a housewife while raising HIS three kids

When you realize he groomed his first wife

When he overshared details like this was Fifty Shades of Grey

When he started naming names of who knew when

When you see people defending his actions

When he tried to excuse himself

When he makes sure you know that he was counting down the days to 18…as if he wasn’t obsessed with her since she was in his Freshman honors

When he tries to convince you her parents were totally cool with it

But also outs them for letting her drink underage

When he uses the term AC Money

When he says he went on the floor of his classroom

When he exposes his own mothers marriage issues

When he claims to have sat at the special ed table in high school because he couldn’t be burdened with being at the popular table…but then continued to use the R word throughout his grooming memoir

When he said he flirted with Old Black Women as if they shouldn’t be flirted with

When he was texting his ‘girlfriend’ from his sons bed

When he takes her ex out drinking to make himself feel better

When the hand written section takes a turn

When you realize this whole thing was to make himself feel better about his actions and find those that may sympathize with an abusive, narcissistic groomer

Justice For Holly!


  1. So very spot on…this guy is definately a mental case that would challenge any therapist.. as for her… thinking this story is their “love story”… shows she has her own need of therapy


  2. I hope Holly is ok. I hope their kids are ok. I hope Payton and her family are ok. The thing is…he just broke them all over again. He published this years later to harm them all over again. He was a grown man that a child looked up to. He made her feel safe so that he could take what he wanted from her. He took a child who had already struggled with abandonment issues and played her to have his way. And then he tried to make her out to be the bad guy. To make her parents seem like the bad one. He claims all of these people “supported” what he did. Do they really? Do they actually support his actions? Or does he want us to think they do so we stay silent about the disgusting things he did to his victim? A child looking up to a mentor figure and feeling lust is common. They may even believe they love them. It’s up to the adults in the situation to do the right thing. To not take advantage of children who don’t know any better. And this man has his own children? I hope he doesn’t have access to them. I hope Holly has the support she needs to help her and her children heal. I hope his victim finds help also; she is truly a victim and I refuse to place blame on her, even if her current actions are in support of the man to traumatized her. I hope she can heal.


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