Just 22 Granite City Quarantine Things

It was requested to do a new blog post by one of my three fans still out there in the world. So why not capitalize on an unfortunate situation to try and have some laughter?

Well you may laugh or you may be confused because you’ve been spelling it Cornteen this whole time. But alas I present to you 22 Granite City Quarantine Things!

When You Drive By The Empty Shop N Save


Ravenelli’s Not Being Open For Carry Out

source (3).gif

The Lunch Lady Heroes Still Feeding Kids In Need


When You Find Out The St. Elizabeth Picnic Is Cancelled

source (4).gif

When They Cancel The Fourth Of July Celebration


When Vin Hoa/Lams Garden Isn’t Open Because People Think This Is A Chinese Virus

giphy (7).gif

Going To The Walmart


Remembering Cionkos Has Meat

giphy (3).gif

When You Know Someone Who Tests Positive


Having To Teach Your Own Child

giphy (4).gif

People Posting Their Senior Photos To Support Seniors Who Won’t Get A Graduation


GC Mom’s On Their Page Begging For Haircuts

giphy (5).gif

Missing Corral Liquor Even Though You Probably Never Went There Before


The Increase Of Political Advisors And Disease Experts On Your FB Page

giphy (6).gif

Farm Fresh Not Having Chocolate Milk In Glass Bottles (This Has Nothing To Do With Quarantine But I Hear People Are Still Upset)

source (2).gif

When The Ambulance Wants To Take You To St. Elizabeth’s Hospital


Seeing The Granite City Teacher Parade

giphy (2).gif

Parents Realizing They’ll Probably Be Stuck With Their Kids All Summer Because Their Won’t Be Summer Rec Programs

source (1).gif

When Our Ice Cream Places Are Open But No One Is Social Distancing


When You See Someone You Know Out In Public

giphy (1).gif

Parents Realizing They’ll Be Teaching Their Kids In The Fall


Returning To Society When This Is All Over

source (5).gif

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. I laughed out loud at the accuracy of these! I wish so badly Ravenelli’s was open for carryout! I feel this is a real missed opportunity on their behalf. I saw the mass herd that was outside Mr. Twist the evening they first opened. Definitely no social distancing to be found, but saw they did put duct tape up on the sidewalk when I went the other day, so progress has been made.

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