Being An Adult Is Hard!

Like…I didn’t sign up for this!

Like I should accept it


But I’m literally sitting here like


So I just want to discuss some of the very unfair things we have to do as adults that we just weren’t prepared for!

We Have To Get Our Own Dr. And Make Our Own Appointments


I wish doctors were like psychics…and just knew when I needed to see them and made the appointment! As much as our moms would like to book the appointments for us…apparently that’s frowned upon.

When You’re An Adult You Don’t Even Get The Pink Medicine!


I used to look forward to getting sick because I could drink that delicious medicine…now…pill form…disappointing!

You Can’t Use Your Parents As An Excuse


Apparently telling people “My parents said No I can’t come over” as an adult is weird and frowned upon!

You Have To Do Your Own Grocery Shopping


It’s so hard! You have to make decisions based on a ‘budget’ so you have to make the tough call of do I really ‘need’ this overpriced, half full bag of Doritos? No! But am I going to get them? Yes!


giphy (1)

What the fuck is a budget?

You Have To Make Sure You Get Up In The Morning


I set alarm clocks for over an hour, varying degrees of annoyance…just so I can get up out of bed…it’s awful!



As a child you’re basically forced into a nap…when you take a nap as adult people think you’re lazy…partially true, but let me fucking rest!

You Have To ‘Take Care’ Of Your Body

What does that even mean? Do I take it in for a tune up like with my car? (I don’t even do that for my car)

Less Gifts


I feel like you should get more gifts as you get older…I mean you’re still here! But before you know it your parents start forgetting to give you an Easter basket…then it’s your birthday…then suddenly Christmas has a budget….I’ve succeeded in living! Buy me something!

Bringing A Dish


Since you’re an adult now you have to bring something to the holiday dinner…isn’t being responsible for myself enough? Now I gotta make a damn casserole!

These are just my thoughts on adulting!

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