17 Reasons You Should Start Loving Kesha Again Or For The First Time


Listen I’ll admit I’ve loved Ke$ha the entire time but I’ve noticed that a lot of people haven’t….

For those of you living under a rock and don’t know Kesha was raped by her producer Dr. Luke. Because he owns her career she chose not to record with him, thus stalling her career. The court didn’t side with Kesha, which isn’t shocking because most people never side with the victim, so now she is recording with other producers and I’m sure it will be legit as fuck!

Well I’d like to share some reasons why it’s time for you to get over your shit and start loving Kesha!

1. This song is fucking fire!!!!

2. She wrote Till The World Ends


3. She was on the Simple Life


4. She made it OK for people to like beards


5. She’s not related to A$AP Rocky


6. Because Adele loves her


7. She loves Glitter


8. This hair flip though!!!!!!!!!!


9. She supports gay marriage


10. She loves animals


11. She’s acknowledges the dollar sign in a humorous way!


12. She asks the important questions to paparazzi 


13. She loves her fans! 


14. A ghost is haunting her vagina!


15. She got James Van Der Beek to do this!


16. She’s really good at song titles!


17. She genuinely cares


So that’s why you should get over your petty shit and start supporting someone who just wants to help people embrace being themselves! Support someone who literally sacrificed her career to bring the truth to light about her accuser. If you can’t get behind that then you need to do some soul-searching!

Here’s a gif of Ke$ha running over Dr. Luke:

giphy (1)


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