107 Days Later….



Honestly I’ve been so fucking lazy….like beyond lazy for the majority of my ‘vacation’


Like everyday the hardest decision I had to make was do I move to the couch? or keep watching Netflix?


In fact the only time I really ever woke up early was when the group chat would be blowing up…thanks for the wake up call friends!


Speaking of Netflix…..I watched too much of it! Let me just emphasize that I had nothing better to do…well I did but I was lazy so I didn’t. But I watched all of the following: Friday Night Lights, House of Cards, Bloodlines, Bobs Burgers, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Daredevil, Gilmore Girls and Sense8. It was a lot of hours….


Also let me explain my blog absence…..my computer stopped working like a week after the hotel closed for construction and I just got it fixed last week…why? Because I legit couldn’t validate going to the apple store to get it fixed…like it seemed like a waste to make that adventure to the Galleria or to West County Mall…like this is all of you right now


The kicker is I even went to the Galleria when I was off with a friend and I didn’t bring it because I didn’t want to waste my friends time by making him go into the apple store. Legit I was a mess! The only thing that ever got me motivated was when I got a text to go out and drink

giphy (1)

So a couple weeks ago I decided to not be as lazy and joined the gym…I probably should have joined much sooner but…what can you do! What matters is that I got off my ass and I did something finally!

giphy (2)

The gym is way more work than I thought it would be…I mean I couldn’t really tell you what I thought would happen but I’m still going back. But I swear sometimes I get these urges for bad food….Like I just want to eat all the ice cream or go crazy at a chinese buffet, literally just shove crab rangoon into my mouth until I explode…but I can’t do those things…I didn’t really do it before but I did enjoy ice cream now and again and I do love crab rangoon like a lot!


Also randomly my GC blog blew up again….it happens at the most random times! So I guess I’ll have to do another one sometime soon since ya’ll are so into it!

Anyway I’m back, I’ll update when I feel like it and I’ll try my best to not be so lazy!

Now those of you who were harassing me about blog posts can fucking chill!

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