Wesley’s Best Of 2015 List!!!!

What a fun and exciting year 2015 was!

Go big or come home in your 30th year is what I say! Or did rather…

So lets finish the year with my Best List! Because obviously I’m qualified to nominate things as the best.

So let’s use our Latoya Jackson magnifying glasses and look back at 2015!


Best Advice of 2015!

The Best Side Eye of 2015!

Best Catchphrase of 2015!

Best Goodbye of 2015!


Best Pride Outfit 2015

Best Fake Black Person of 2015!


Best Non Drag Drag Performance of 2015

Best Giving Up On Everything of 2015

Best Scare of 2015!

Best Photoshoot of 2015

Best Use of Props in 2015!

Best ‘We’re Going To State’ Photo of 2015!

Best Bike Ride of 2015!

Best Nap of 2015!

Best Impromptu Dance Party of 2015!

Best Failure At Blowing Out Candles in 2015!

Best Completely Over It Moment of 2015!

Best Hello of 2015!


Best Purchase of 2015! (It only lasted like 2 months)

Best Sex Predator of 2015!


Best Drunk ‘Selfie’ of 2015!

Best Queen of 2015!


Best Gif of 2015!


Best Godson of 2015!


Best SNL Skit of 2015!

Best Fake Cancer of 2015!


Best Revival of a Movie Franchise of 2015!


Best Attempt at Shunning Me in 2015! (Dan Ladd)


Best New Tooth in 2015!

Best Hairstyle of 2015!

Best Turban/Head Wrap of 2015!

Best Game of Jenga in 2015!

*Side Note* The incident with Jenga in 2015 stays in 2015!

Best Attempt to Take a Photo in 2015!

Best Wig in 2015!

 Best Moment You Realize You Turned 30 in 2015!

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