16 Things A Speech Coach Deals With The Week Leading Up To The First Tournament

Coaching is hard! I’m sure other coaches can sympathize with me when I say this…it’s not really easy.

But coaching speech is a whole other level of difficult…

No offense to coaches of other sports but when you have 14 events, 40+ kids each with probably 2 different events and they expect you to know everything about their piece even if you’ve never seen it…life is a bit tough!

Allow me to elaborate on what it’s like leading up to the first tournament! 

When A Student Waits Till The Last Minute To Ask For Help


When A Student Tells You They Want To Switch Pieces The Week Of


When A Student Tells You They Want To Switch Events The Week Of

giphy (1)

When A Student Isn’t Even Finished Writing Their Piece


When You See A Kids Piece For The First Time And It’s A Mess


When You Have A Mock Tournament And 1/2 The Team Isn’t Ready


When A Kid Actually Surprises You And Does A Good Job


When A Veteran Performer Doesn’t Perform Up To Par


Having To Explain To A New Student How A Speech Tournament Works


And They Just Look At You Like


When They Ask You A Super Vague Question About A Piece You’ve Never Seen


When They Send You Their Script And They Basically Need To Redo The Entire Thing


When You Have To Remind A Former JV Performer That They’re Now Varsity

giphy (3)

When A Student Asks You What Their Chances Of Winning Are But You Know They’re Not Good

giphy (4)

When A Student Asks You About Being On The Regional Team And You Haven’t  Even Been To The First Tournament Yet!


When Kids Complain About Not Getting Enough Practice Time And You See Them Gossiping With Their Friends


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