25 Is Coming

4 years………

4 fucking years this bitch (and I mean bitch in the most loving way possible) has made me wait…and yes I mean me. She made me specifically wait…

Fuck all the rest of you, she doesn’t sing for you she sings for me!!!

I just loan her out to all of you! So you’re welcome!

So now a Gif post in her honor!

When The Adele Sneak Peak Aired During X Factor


When She Announces 3 Days Later That The Album Would Be Called 25


When She Wrote Me A Personal Message Detailing What Her New Album Was Inspired By


When She Said The Album Would Be Out On November 20th

i want it now veruca salt

When The Single Was Scheduled To Come Out On October 30th!


Then She Changed Her Mind And Released It Today October 23rd!


Listening To ‘Hello’ The First Time

Jerry Listening to Music

When You Realize Her Voice Has Gotten Better


When You Watch The Music Video


When You See Her Hair Blowing Around In The Wind


When You See She’s Still Got Those Weird Nails That Are Somehow Very Appealing!

giphy (1)

When She’s Standing By A Lake And Singing And There’s Wind And It’s Everything You Ever Wanted


When You Transcend To A New Plane Of Existence!


When Someone Says They Don’t Like The New Song


When Someone Says They Don’t Like Adele

giphy (2)

When You See The Tracklist For 25 


Remembering 19


Remembering 21


Waiting For 25


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