Going To A Haunted House With Will Muckridge!

For those of you not familiar…this is Will Muckridge!


You already want to hit him don’t you? Same…same…

So last evening I went to The Darkness with this fool. I arrived in one piece…today I’m in shambles…

So obviously it’s his fault!

When You’re Still In The Parking Lot And He’s Freaking Out


When He Exits The Johnny On The Spot Slow As Fuck Because He’s Afraid Something Is Waiting For Him


When He Tells The Clown He’s Afraid Of Clowns

giphy (1)

When He’s Hiding Behind You And You Haven’t Even Entered Yet


When He Can’t Decide If He’s In Front Or In Back


When He Starts Leading You Through The House And You’re Already Bumping Into Shit


When He Gets Scared And Pushes You Into Some Kind Of Wolf Creature Causing You To Bleed


When He Gets So Scared And Tries To Run Through The Employees Only Section And Causes The Closest Creature To Break Character


When He Pulls You Over A Crate


When Every Hanging Object Hits You In The Face Because The Person In Front Of You Flings It At You In Terror


When One Character Follows You For The Majority Of The Haunted House Because Someone Is So Fun To Scare


When He Gets Scared And Leaves You To Die At Least 5 Times


When You Exit The Haunted House And He Calls You A Pussy Because You’re Literally Bleeding After He Spent The Last 20 Minutes Screaming…

giphy (2)

When You Leave The Haunted House And You’re Both Drenched In Sweat


Literally Will The Whole Time!


Literally Me The Whole Time!


Bless his heart!

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