Being Single As Fuck

Being Single is like a second job…

But I have two jobs already…so for me it’s like having a third job.

Just thinking about 3 jobs makes me tired!

Anyway, being single is tough work…sometimes though it’s like a vacation being single…

So it’s like a workcation…which sounds awful…I don’t really know where I’m going with this right now…but enjoy? 

You Get To Sleep Alone Every Night


Or With A Pet Who Loves You Because No One Else Does


No One Steals The Blankets At Night


You Only Have To Worry About Paying For Yourself


People Always Ask When Are You Gonna Settle Down…As If You’re A Wild Animal


Whenever You Do Go On A Date Your Friends Act Like Hell Froze Over


If You Flirt With Anyone In Front Of Your Friends, You Then Have To Answer A Million Questions


If Your Friends Find Out You Like Someone They Will Make It Awkward


Sometimes They’ll Even Ask Them Out For You!


His & Hers? More Like Yours & Also Yours!


It’s Not Like You’re Single By Just Your Choice…


You Could Easily Date One Of Those People Who’ve Dated Like 12 People You Know…Cause You’ll Definitely Be The One!


You’ve Been Single So Long…You Don’t Pick Up On Compliments Quickly

Come again

Or At All…


When You Get Invited To Weddings Everyone Is Really Interested As To Whether Or Not You’ll Bring That +1


When You Bring A Friend As Your Date People Seem Disappointed


It’s Not Your Fault You’re Picky


Or Hard To Get Along With


Or Just Too Busy To Worry About Another Human Being


You’re Just Enjoying A Lot Of Me Time

giphy (1)

So You Just Worry About You Cause Us Single As Fuck People Are Doing Just Fine Worrying About Ourselves


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