Superbowl Halftime NO!

Recently it was announced that the Superbowl committee offered the Halftime Show to Bruno Mars…for his second time performing.

Literally the dude just performed two years ago….he hasn’t even released a new album since doing it…

It’s just plain madness!!! Don’t even get me started on how lackluster I found the show to be…sorry if you disagree but when he performed in between Beyoncé and Katy Perry’s sharks his performance was disappointing at best!

So here is a list of people who should be doing the Halftime Show before Bruno Mars does it again…

Britney Spears

giphy (1)

She’s Pop royalty….People may assume she can’t work it like she used to but she’s been proving that to be false at her Vegas show. So maybe it’s time for the Queen of Pop to show she has the crown!



Ok Pink is an amazing performer live and she would honestly pull out all the stops during a Halftime show. The whole point is to put on a show right?

Mariah Carey


Believe it or not she hasn’t ever performed in the Halftime show…granted she can’t hit those notes like she used too but bitch still deserves it!

Britney Jean Spears


For real…Americas Sweetheart!

Dixie Chicks


Ok…so maybe most of America isn’t ready for this one…cause ya know they don’t like George Bush…but they have enough songs that even the biggest hater knows the words too.

Elton John


He’s never done it!!! Sure he’s old and crusty and hates Madonna but he does have a very impressive catalog of songs to fill a Halftime show

Britney Fucking Spears


Email my heart bitch!!!!

Billy Joel


Same as Elton…actually probably just have them perform it together.

Queen Tribute


Personally I think it would be awesome to have a bunch of different artists performing with the live members of Queen. Have a different p

Did I Mention Britney Spears?




Maybe then she can finally retire…

Michelle Branch


Mostly because Gina would be really upset about it!

I think the conclusion we have all basically come to is that Bruno is a Halftime No! Britney Spears is a Halftime YAAAAAAAAASSSSSS

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