24/7 McDonald’s Breakfast!!!

Recently it was announced that McDonald’s would be doing Breakfast all day!

As a personal victim of the times that McDonald’s didn’t serve Breakfast 24/7 I thought it was appropriate for me to speak on the topic!

As a friend once said when I was getting McDonald’s and she was going there for the second time that day…

‘Bitch Hungry’

And right she was! Bitch is hungry…for breakfast any fucking time I want! 

When I First Heard The News


How The World Reacted


Then They Said They Were Just Thinking About It


When You Were Too Late To Get Breakfast And Had To Cry Into Your McChicken


When You Showed Up At 4am And The Drive Thru Said You Couldn’t Get Breakfast


When It Occurs To You That You Can Now Get Hashbrowns When Ever You Want


Hashbrowns > Fries


When It’s 4:37pm And You Really Want A Sausage Biscuit


When You Have To Wait Twice As Long For Your Breakfast At 6:13pm


When The Cook Confuses Sausage For A Hamburger Patty


If $15 An Hour Is What It Takes To Get Breakfast All Day


When You Can’t Decide If You Want A Sausage McMuffin Or A Cheeseburger


To Think Some People Won’t Even Remember A Time When You Couldn’t Get McDonald’s Breakfast Whenever You Wanted


All I Have To Say To McDonald’s Is

giphy (1)

Oh And Get Your Shit Together About Charging For Condiments…Like Give Me Fucking Sweet N Sour If That’s What I Want!!!!


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