10 Reasons Why It’s Not Too Early To Think About Christmas!

Christmas is the best time of the year!

You should probably think about it every day…but you don’t because you’re irrational and think people should only think about Christmas after Thanksgiving…

Well I’m here to tell you that that’s fucking dumb and you should already be thinking about Christmas!!!

1 Because It’s Never Too Early To Christmas Shop!


I mean honestly there are sales ALL year round…no one said you had to wait till Christmas to start buying gifts for people!Because You Need To Clear Your Schedule For All The Social Engagements

2. Because There Are A Lot Of Really Bad Good Made For TV Christmas Movies And You Have To Watch All Of Them!


The formula never changes! Semi famous actor + Love + A Christmas miracle = magical experience!

3. Because The More You Think About Christmas The Realer Santa Gets!


This obviously isn’t that true…but wouldn’t it be exciting if it was!

4. Because You Get To Spend Quality Time With Family And Friends!


There’s so much love in the air! Unless that cousin you hate shows up and ruins the day for everyone!

5. Because You Get To Practice Your Culinary Skills!

giphy (1)

Cookies, Cakes, Candies, Side Dishes, Main Courses….literally so much food needs to be made and you’re happy to do it!

6. Because You Really Need To Plan Ahead On Your Outfits


You need your ugly sweater for social functions with friends and super cute sweaters for the hundreds of photos your mother will take of you when you were over it after 20.

7. Because You Need To Be Ready To Decorate


You have to take inventory of everything you already have…untangle the lights…and map out what is going wear so you can let every mother fucker on the block know you love Christmas more than they do!

8. Because You’re Ready To Gain 15 Pounds!


Get out your fat pants kids because you have some food to eat and eat and eat!!!

9. Because You Need To Practice Your Disappointed Face When You Get A Bad Present


It’s not your fault they fucked up! You couldn’t have been more clear…you literally showed them what you wanted at the store and they still got the wrong thing…but it’s Christmas and you have to pretend to be into it as best as you can!

10. Because (as of right now) there are only 121 more sleeps until Christmas 


That may seem like a lot…but it isn’t…so get it together!

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