Working Weekends

There is nothing worse in this world than working when everyone else is off.

Most exciting things happen over the weekend and sadly most of the time you miss it.

Sometimes Life is really really really hard… 

When Your Schedule Comes Out And You’re Scheduled To Work All Weekend


Then You Notice You Have To Open…No Late Nights For You!


When Someone Asks What You’re Doing This Weekend


When Your Friends Start Making Plans That You Can’t Attend


When Someone Says ‘Why Don’t You Just Call Off’


When Someone Says TGIF But It’s Your Tuesday


When You Want To See Your Friends But Their Plans Don’t Start Until 10pm And You Have To Get Up At 5am


When Your Friends Plan A Last Minute Trip And You’re Working


Checking Facebook To See All The Fun You Missed Out On Last Night


When Your Friends Snapchat Story Is 400+ Of Everything That Happened Last Night


When One Friend Asks You More Than Once What Your Plans Are For This Weekend


Telling Your Friends To Have Fun But You Really Mean 


When Someone Asks How Your Weekend Was


When Your Off Day Is A Tuesday And Literally No One You Know Is Off Work 


When You Go Out Even Though You Have To Work In The Morning


When Your Friends Go To Brunch But You Can’t Cause You’re At Work

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